The Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) is a leading centre for energy research and technology development. It conducts fundamental technology research and energy policy studies for the implementation of safe, efficient and clean energy services. ECN employs about 700 staff working on a wide range of energy technologies, among which solar, wind, biomass, nuclear, CCS and clean fossil fuels. At its main premises in Petten, internationally recognised research is undertaken on the engineering and efficiency aspects of a large series of techniques. The laboratories in Petten are complemented with offices in Amsterdam to stimulate the international outreach of ECN. Work at ECN alternates between fundamental research, in close contact with universities, and the application of knowledge and technologies in practice. As one of the largest and most prominent energy research institutes in the world, ECN exerts an important function for society of today and tomorrow. ECN plays an increasing role in proffering practical solutions, both technical and policy-related, to address the challenge of global climate change.

The Policy Studies department of ECN, one of its six main departments, focuses on the political and economic aspects of energy technology implementation. The department employs a staff of approximately 70 and is growing, stimulated by its success in acquiring research projects and attracting young promising scientists from all continents to work in the field of energy and climate change. In addition to studies funded by national and international institutions, the Policy Studies department collaborates in many European energy and climate related research projects. ECN Policy Studies possesses extensive international expertise and contacts in energy and climate policy research, environmental policy design plus evaluation, and energy systems modelling, as well as sector studies related to e.g. energy efficiency, transportation and the energy-intensive industry. It has extensive experience in technology cost assessments and scenarios development for a large range of energy technologies, among which in particular renewables and sustainable energy systems.

For more information on the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands, please contact:
Dr. Bob van der Zwaan
Energy research Centre of the Netherlands
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